Teaching agricultural education in the United States is critical for various reasons. One of them is that agriculture is vital to the US economy. More specifically, US farmers contribute $136.7 billion annually to the US economy, which translates into 1% of the national GDP.

Therefore, under-performing in this sector would lead to a drop in national output. It would lead to the loss of livelihoods for the farmers as well. In 2008 alone, 2% of the entire US population directly earned their income through agricultural production. Today, 11% of US employment comes from agriculture and its related industries.

Educating US citizens in agriculture would help them understand the best production methods. They would also know which marketing and storage techniques are applicable in contemporary society. The application of these methods and techniques would lead increased output and additional jobs.

Other Reasons for Teaching Agricultural Education in the United States


  • Promoting Food Security in the US

Currently, America is a net exporter of food. In fact, the top agricultural exports in 2017 included soybeans, corn, tree nuts, beef, pork, and wheat. In total, US agricultural exports reached $140.5 billion in 2017. In contrast, imports stood at about $116.2 billion in 2017. These figures suggest that the United States can feed its people, i.e., it is self-reliant when it comes to food.

This self-reliance in the production of food is critical to the nation’s food security. More specifically, other countries cannot deprive the US of food for political, economic, or social reasons. Doing so is impossible because the US produces a sufficient amount of food for its people. Remember, Arab nations placed an oil embargo on the US in the 1970s for political reasons.

Preventing such scenarios from occurring is only possible if the US maintains its net export status. That can happen if US citizens receive enough agricultural education continuously. That includes what to plant, when to plant it and where to plant it. They also need to know how to take care of it and harvest it. Educational experts provide them with all of this information so that they produce food at an optimal level.


  • Helping US Students To Become Experienced Farmers

If you study agriculture at your university or college – it may be a very perspective way for you in the USA. However, to finish your study successfully you will need to pass your exams perfectly. You will probably need to create perfect papers on agriculture topic. To pass your exams more successfully you can also buy university essays for clearly written arguments on various topics on agriculture.


  • Helping US Farmers Improve Their Level of Efficiency

Teaching agricultural education in the United States is critical at a microeconomic level as well. For example, farmers should learn about the best fertilizers on the market. They should know about effective breeding methods. They also need to understand how local and international markets work so that they can sell their produce at the highest price possible.

Sharing this knowledge with farmers is only possible through agricultural education. Moreover, this kind of learning at a tertiary level is critical for research into challenges facing the agricultural sector in the US. This research can also shed light on ways of improving farming practices and taking advantage of the opportunities that exist.